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FunnelCake Marketing
Jesa Damora

Frontal Amaryllis
digital pigment print
[56" h x 41" w]
Arts Marketing, drawings

Media: Drawing, Installation, Other: Marketing for Artists

Artisan's Asylum
10 Tyler Street #38

MAP # 81

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Jesa Damora makes drawings and limited edition prints of flowers and seed pods across species on mylar and fine archival papers. Vital, luminous, immensely detailed and done entirely from life, these drawings are about the wildness in both nature and ourselves that we think we have tamed. She also draws commissions of both private and public gardens. Her work has been retailed at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and has been featured in Northeast galleries, botanical gardens, online and at the New England Spring Flower Show. Her work is in museum collections and has been blogged world-wide. See more at

She is also an arts marketer who has had considerable experience in schmoozing. As executive director of a consortium sponsored by the US Department of Energy, she developed alliances with over a hundred entities, planned and managed events, and waded deep into major grant writing. She is published writer and editor, and a graduate of Harvard University. Recently, she produced a major show at a museum, in under three months and almost single-handedly, resulting in a landslide opening and record attendance. She also ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign for the artist involved. She runs FunnelCake Marketing out of Artisanís Asylum; she is also marketing coordinator for Somerville Open Studios (her ten years of participation in SOS always put her in the top 6% of sales for the event). She lives to help others realize their art visions.