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Maria Photinakis

For My Boston Strong - page 2
Ink on bristol
Comics, cartoons, illustration

Media: Books + Paper, Drawing, Printmaking

Mad Oyster Studios
2 Bradley Street G7

MAP # 100

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Maria Photinakis is a Boston-based comic book artist and illustrator. Very geeky and proudly Greeky, in between her autobiographical and fantasy comic projects such as Silent Fluency and The Fire Vampire, shes working on a few webcomics, including the diary project Between Sleeps. Shes current working on a light sci-fi comic called Red Flag, about a wannabe-astronaut who fights to make her dream of living and traveling through space a reality, despite the mounting odds against her. In addition to her comics and illustration work, Maria also co-hosts a podcast about balancing a demanding day job with artistic ambitions, and studies ikebana (Japanese flower arranging).

Statement from the artist:
I grew up in a big Greek-American community and was mesmerized by the Byzantine iconography that surrounded me in our religious community. These icons were heavily visually stylized and designed to convey story and meaning without depending on text. The style and images of those icons influences my work quite a bit today.

Well, as did the manga I grew up reading.

Doodling and drawing have been my vices since my tiniest years and Ive never stopped.