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Peace of Mind Pottery
Ji In Lee

Stoneware, Celadon, Nara wood base
Ceramic Art Pottery+Sculpture

Media: Pottery, Sculpture

Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street 8

MAP # 92
Also Open Friday Night 6-9pm

Trolleys Sat+Sun | Directions (Google)

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Timeless cosmos in your hand and we are all from dust...
I mainly use clay as a medium since it is a very creative and humble material.

My clay work is related to the concepts of human body and mind, presence and absence.

The surface of the clay is like our physical bodies, it is a material that we can touch and feel and sense and is a representation of presence, the presence of our consciousness.

On the other hand, the absence of our consciousness, or subconscious, which is difficult to sense, often exists only in a deep dream within the shades of our minds.

But we know shade is a reflection of something real. A proof of existence of an object. Without an object, the shade does not exist. In the light, without a shade, there is no object either.

An artist, I think, is a beauty finder. A light revealing the object and its shade; a person who discovers the sense of the presence and expresses the subconscious of beauty through creating something with various materials.

평화 (Peace)