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Anne Chanson Designs
Anne Chanson

Black River Road
oil on canvas
[48" x 54"]
largescale landscape oils

Media: Drawing, Painting, Photography

Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street 42

MAP # 92
Also Open Friday Night 6-9pm

Trolleys Sat+Sun | Directions (Google)

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I've been an artist for as long a I can remember. I've painted for a living, and I've painted for my art degree, but always, I have painted for my soul. I love capturing big skies, hot deserts, towering mountains, and country roads, and I feel as at home with a paint brush in my hands as I do in nature. Though I dabble in most mediums, I tend to return to oil and canvas. My paintings are quite big, not to make a statement, but to have more space to showcase the grandeur of the scenery. The life of an artist is so rewarding, and I'm grateful to be on this path. A dear friend once told me that my paintings and I are very similar: vivid, happy, and untempered. I believe she's right.