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Christine Palamidessi

waxed plaster with pigment
Yogi & Yogini Sculptures

Media: Sculpture

Vernon Street Studios
20 Vernon Street #89

MAP # 52
Also Open Friday Night 6-9pm

Trolleys Sat+Sun | Directions (Google)

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Christine Palamidessi works in 3-D, using the body as an interpretive solution for the internal universe.; skin being the boundary for time and space and the intermediary between elements.

Showing in May:
Sculptures from the TIME BREATH & EVIDENCE installation. Formed from the frontal casts of American yoga teachers. The material is waxed plaster lightly colored with ritual powders from India. Each torso, simultaneously links the past and the present, the East and the West. The installation is accompanied by a narrative. Breath--as heard in the narrative and visible in the form of the sculptures--expresses human beings’ first and last step and pulls together the movement of life through time and space. The intertwining elements and cultural references create an aura of fullness and joy tinged with impermanence.