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Ali Saren

Caught Me A Heart Detail
Painting and Collage
[20 x 20]
Painting and Mixed Media

Media: Collage, Painting

Featured in Inside-Out Gallery Show

Studio not open for event

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My name is Ali Saren. I play with paint, inks, pastes, gels,wood, paper, colors, and more. I have always dabbled a bit in various art forms and have recently embarked on an artistic expedition. I am inspired most by forms in nature, history, architecture, metal, light, color, layers, and textures. I start a painting with a wee idea and over time it turns into something I never expected. Its like that every time. I think this kind of abstract art is about taking chances and experimenting and not being afraid to see what happens when you let something else control the outcome. With each piece I create, it is my hope that in the end, it can exist separate from myself, standing alone to be enjoyed by those who experience it.