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Clark Design
Tom Clark


The Untie

Media: Fiber + Textiles, Jewelry + Beads

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I want to liberate our necks from the tyranny of the tie, and shake up the fashion industry in the process. My explorations have produced the SolaTie, sometimes called the “untie”: a versatile, unknotted, slimmer variation on the traditional necktie. It’s often worn with an open collar or turtleneck, and secured with a tie clasp (men) or brooch (women), but all kinds of looks are possible. Should it catch on, a new world appears for fashion accessories: the SolaTie itself, in various fabrics and patterns, plus the designer jewelry to keep it in place. And there’s more to come: shirts and jackets tailored to suit the casual flair of the untied look. If I have anything to do with it, the options for neckwear will expand in some very comfortable directions. The fundamental question I'm asking is, “Why knot?”