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Sallie Strand

In the Moment
oil on wood
Abstract Oil Paintings

Media: Painting

Featured in Inside-Out Gallery Show

Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street Bay 5 Middle

MAP # 92

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I often set out with a goal, which is merely a jumping off place where the act of creation becomes the guide. This process can often elicit a myriad of emotions that are translated through gesture, texture, patterns and color - some will be revealed and some will be veiled.

I like to work on several paintings at once easily shifting from one to another, much like conversations with friends easily switching topics, going off on tangents, creating new ideas and generating inspiration.

As a former pastry chef, I find there are many similarities between painting and baking. There is such satisfaction and joy to know that what you have created with love provide a nurturing or a sustenance, on some level, to the recipient.

I have done some work in acrylic and some in mixed media, but my primary focus currently is in oil ( oil sticks) on wood panels.