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Molly Segal

oil and acrylic on canvas
[36" x 48"]
oil paintings and watercolors

Media: Painting

Featured in Inside-Out Gallery Show

Miller Street Studios
11 Miller Street 3rd Floor

MAP # 77

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My painting practice explores psychological ambiguities within intimate spaces. Personal experiences and relationships are used as a starting point to investigate ideas about fear, desire, recklessness, and honesty. I find the painting process seductive because it has something to do with controlling chaos. I work quickly and impulsively and approach paint with a bravado, confidence and fear that seems fitting for the subject matter.

My current project uses the inherently relational nature of portrait painting to examine intimacy, feminism, sexuality, and the gaze. In an attempt to confront, complicate, and question my presumption that all men I know want to sleep with me, I invite male friends and acquaintances into my studio to sit for a portrait. Portraits are intimate. They involve sharing a confined space and engaging in prolonged eye contact- things I have avoided in the past so as not to "give the wrong impression." In announcing my premise, both the sitter and myself are forced to directly confront a complex but common social dance that is usually left unspoken. Positioning these men as "subjects" complicates the power structure between "artist" and "subject" in relation to the history of painting and the role of the gaze.