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Marketing IV: Exhibiting as a function of marketing

Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 4-6 pm

Artisan's Asylum (Multi-Purpose Room)
10 Tyler Street, Somerville MA
Getting there - - [Map]

Presented by arts marketing specialist Jesa Damora of FunnelCake Marketing.

What makes people walk in the door of your studio? How do you stand out? What’s the best way of showing off what you’ve got to share? Explore the many ways of making it easy for people to access and engage with your work: culling, curating, lighting, explaining; layout, display decisions, organization.

We'll have 2 great guest speakers for this talk:

Please invite interested people to the Facebook event for this talk.

Other talks in this series are Jan 15, Feb 16 and March 13. Save the dates!

Details on other marketing talks

All talks are FREE, and open to visual artists who live or maintain a studio in Somerville.