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Example Neighbor Letters

We recommend that artists showing out of home studios send a letter to their neighbors to explain SOS weekend and to alert them that you will be opening your home for the event. If you are showing out of an apartment in a building with other residents, we also suggest you explain the hours when you will be open and that people will be visiting. Other useful topics to cover in the letter include what SOS is, why you are participating, what you will be showing, and an invitation to visit—and to explore the rest of the event!

The following are examples of letters used last year (2013) for this purpose. Thanks to SOS member artists Jim Baab and Sarah Carlson for generously volunteering their letters!

Monday, April 29, 2013

A message from Bob Fedele and Jim Baab

Greetings, friends and neighbors!

This weekend, May 4 & 5, marks the 15th annual Somerville Open Studios! And, it is the first time that Jim Baab, (60 Boston Street, Prospect Hill,) is participating and recognizing his skills and passions as a digital photographer.

Please join Jim, at home, (site #105 on the included map book,) from Noon to 6PM, to discuss and celebrate his more recent work from 2012. Two very different styles will be showcased: vibrant and fun Instagram photos, (square, smartphone photography—some displayed as greeting cards and magnets,) and fine art nude photography captured in Palm Springs, CA. Additionally, Jim will be premiering a twist on his Instagram photography that he likes to call “Flipstagrams”, (image below.)

There are over 400 individual artists participating at 109 sites this year—many within walking distance of your home. The Somerville Museum is currently displaying many artists’ works as a preview, (one of Jim’s photos is there.) And, one of Jim’s photos was selected for this year’s ‘Inside Out Gallery’ currently on display in the Davis Square CVS’ front sidewalk windows.

If you are unable to visit sites this year, please keep the map book handy as a reminder of the wealth of creative talent our city possesses and consider purchasing art as gifts or for your home or business in the near future.

Best wishes and Happy Spring,

Jim Baab

(Insert pic of postcard and include url)

Hi there,

This is your neighbor, Sarah in Apt #1 sending you a shout-out to let you know I will be participating in the Somerville Open Studios on May 5th and 6th.

What does this mean for you? Well, nothing really. I just wanted to make sure you were aware that I will be propping the front door open during the hours of 12-6pm on Sat 5/5, and Sun 5/6. I will have plenty of signage so that anyone coming into the building knows where to go. In other words, no one should be traveling up the stairs, or knocking on your doors.

If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to knock on my door or give me a call at [Phone Number]. Or just swing on by and say hello, because why not?

And of course you are welcome to stop by and visit during the open studio weekend!

Hope to see you soon, Cheers,